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NFTs have the potential to change how we own and interact with things, both digital and physical. It’s a one-of-a-kind item that you can own, trade, or sell. Just like a baseball card has a serial number that proves it’s authentic, an NFT has digital information that makes it unique and verifies its ownership.

It’s like moving from a world where you can only rent movies to one where you can actually own a digital copy of your favorite film. 

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Solarys VIP Pass is an early access token to our platform. We’re building a community that is going to be at the forefront of the digital revolution.



Solarys NFT VIP passes are ERC-1155 NFTs which will act as the keys to unlocking the utilities and benefits of the platform. These are NFTs that grant access to our different membership tiers which will unlock different reward systems and grant VIPs access to the VIP prize pool.

The VIP NFTs will unlock different NFT membership tiers which will grant different bonuses and reward perks. There will be token gated content which will only be accessible to VIP NFT passholders. This content will include access to VIP specific events, collaborations, giveaways, and governance opportunities. We are planning on expanding the utilities based off community demand and potential collaborations.

Solarys NFTs will be available for minting only for a limited time. VIP NFTs will be available to private sale participants to mint. In the future, VIP NFT passes will be available to mint for limited claim periods. We will work to ensure everyone that is eligible is able to receive the NFTs.

The NFT Memberships are how everything is structured in our project. The different memberships unlock special perks and rewards reserved for each level. This includes tier-specific giveaways, collabs, platform access and governance. We have special activities and IRL  events planned in which VIP NFT passholders will get special access and privileges.

  • Tier 1: Neon tier, and the highest membership tier.
  • Tier 2: Gold tier, 
  • Tier 3: Blue tier, entry level tier

We are planning on providing mint opportunities for the private sale participants as soon as possible. We are currently working on a partnership to allow participants to mint the NFTs shortly after sending their contribution to the private sale.

An NFT whitelist is a special list of people who are provided early access to mint NFTs. It consists of a database of specific wallet addresses that are allowed to mint a project's NFTs during a specific time period, typically between a few hours to a few days. We're planning special NFT collaborations for unique collections. All Solarys NFT VIP Pass holders automatically get whitelisted for all future collections.

The Solarys NFT VIP passes will be ERC-1155 NFTs which means, the supply will depend on how many people mint the NFTs. If 1000 people mint our NFTs, the supply will be 1000, if its 100, it will be 100. The rarity will be directly tied to demand. Depending on how many people participate in our private sale will depend on  the supply for future sales.