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Solarys Key Announcements & Future Plans

We are excited to share key updates for the Solarys community. We are very much committed to the vision and we’re proud of the achievements made so far. We are building XR utilities that will change the landscape of design and immersive experiences.

Strategic Adjustments:

We have revised our funding strategy to ensure that we continue to meet our goals with optimal efficiency. While reevaluating our initial token launch plans, we are exploring new partnerships with various venture capitalists, launchpads, and exchanges who are enthusiastic about our project and its success.

Project Milestones:

Our journey over the past year and a half has been marked by significant achievements, driven by our dedicated team and the invaluable support of our families and friends. Our goal has always been to build a community that wants to see the future of XR and the integration with blockchain and that’s what we have been developing behind the scenes

Innovations and Accomplishments:

We are proud to announce our participation in the Built in Miami Incubator Program. This is a six-month program whose goal is to take startups from concept to a launched MVP.

➡️ Team already has several working Augmented Reality prototypes, which we are excited to unveil to the Solarys community soon.
➡️ We’ve talked to several Miami businesses which have already agreed to be part of our pilot program
➡️ We’ve gained many industry referrals for branding and licensing partnerships which if they go through will guarantee the adoption of our XR software and offerings

We will transform our initial concept into a launched Minimum Viable Product (MVP). As part of this strategic move, Solarys will integrate more closely with our parent company, paving the way for a robust commercial application. Our team has already developed several working Augmented Reality (AR) prototypes, which we are excited to unveil to the Solarys community soon.

In addition, our engagement with the business sector has been highly encouraging, with numerous firms expressing interest in our pilot program. As we conclude “Zealy Season 1” sprint next week, we look forward to rewarding our top participants with USDC rewards.

Future Outlook:

Looking ahead, we will continue to expand our community but also enhancing our offerings.
🔥We are excited about the upcoming launch of our NFTs, which will have unique augmented reality features and cool features included.
🔥We’re going to develop our commercial pilot and refine it through our pilot program participants.
🔥 We will develop interactive tech demos for people to familiarize themselves with augmented reality and spatial design, including some demos.

What’s Next:

The token launch will be postponed until AFTER we raised the required funding amount for liquidity, exchanges, and MM. We’re going to onboard web3 and legal advisors with the best approach to Any contributors that participated in the presale through Gempad will be refunded their tokens automatically. For those that participated the private sale, they may reach out to us if they wish to withdraw, however they arel automatically grandfathered into the equity cap table for our pre-seed.

We will announce the winners for the Zealy season 1 sprint officially on Thursday, May 16th. We will continue to host events and giveaways through Zealy so stay tuned for announcements on the next Zealy sprint. We will continue to host daily and weekly activities for those that want to build towards the next sprint.

We will make several press announcements very soon on our progress in the Built in Miami program and additional partnerships.

🔥 Thank you for your continued support and belief in our vision. Let’s look forward to a future where technology brings us closer to new realities.🔥